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Is there a way to convert a Clojure form to a string? E.g. convert:

(and (f 1) (g 3))


"(and (f 1) (g 3))"
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=> (defmacro string-it [x] (str x))
=> (string-it (+ 1 2))
"(+ 1 2)"
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Alternativly if you don't know the form before hand you can do,

(defmacro to-str [f]
  (str f))

(to-str (and (f 1) (g 3)))

and get,

"(and (f 1) (g 3))"
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You can do this:

(str '(and (f 1) (g 3)))


In case you're not familiar with it, the ' ("quote") character is a reader macro character (more) that escapes code -- i.e. keeps it from being evaluated.

You could also set a variable:

(def x '(and (f 1) (g 3)))
(str x)

and then if you wanted to run the code you could eval it.

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