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I'm qurying a bunch of SGML documents for specific Element and Attributes. This works ok and will display a message box when it finds the file which contains the specified items. However, what i need it to do is also give me the name of the file it's found them in, otheriwise it's next to useless. I can't seem to find a way to get the filename of the file. I have:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(sgmlReader);
IEnumerable<XElement> selectedElement =
    from el in doc.Descendants(Element_textBox.Text)
        where (string)el.Attribute(Attribute_textBox.Text) == Value_textBox.Text
        select el; 
        //need to select the DMC and title and put in a variable, and list them

foreach (XElement elem in selectedElement)

   MessageBox.Show("Data Module Found: " + elem);

As i say, i need to somehow identify the file from which the query finds a match. Any ideas?

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What type has sgmlReader? Why you can't use name of file which was loaded to XDocument? –  Sergey Berezovskiy Feb 21 '13 at 13:29

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You can specify that the document's base URI must be set on load:

var doc = XDocument.Load(@"file.xml", LoadOptions.SetBaseUri);

Then you can get the document URI from any element:

var someElement = doc.Root;
var uri = element.Document.BaseUri;
Console.WriteLine(uri);    // Prints: file:///C:/file.xml

If you are using a Stream or TextReader, you have to get the filename from somewhere else and store it yourself. Otherwise there is no way to get the filename.

Imagine I passed a MemoryStream or NetworkStream to XDocument.Load(), then there is no filename. In general, when working with streams or readers, you don't have a file name.

However there is one exception: if you can get the base stream of the reader and cast it to a FileStream, then you can get the filename:

var fs = File.OpenRead(@"C:\myxml.xml");
var reader = new StreamReader(fs);

static void DoSomething(TextReader reader)
    var streamReader = reader as StreamReader;
    if (streamReader != null)
        var fileStream = streamReader.BaseStream as FileStream;
        if (fileStream != null)
        else { /* No filename */ }
    else { /* No filename */ }

    // ...
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Looks like BaseUri not working with stream being passed to document (as in question) –  Sergey Berezovskiy Feb 21 '13 at 13:25

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