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For reasons beyond my control, the site works in quirks mode. Will Jquery help me in this situation?

I expect the jquery developers concentrate on strict mode today - the mode of the future. On the other hand, all those libraries once started to ease the pain of working in quirks mode.

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"Transitional" HTML/XHTML and quirks rendering modes in browsers are two different topics. You may want to consider editing the title of this question. –  Karmic Coder Sep 30 '09 at 20:13
I tweaked the title. –  ceejayoz Sep 30 '09 at 20:48

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According to official jQuery site v. 1.8.1:

Don’t use Quirks mode! jQuery has never supported Quirks mode and we do not perform any testing in Quirks. This can affect values like $("window").height(), and the jQuery 1.8 Quirks mode results did change in order to support some modern browser features. The majority of problem cases we’ve seen are from developers that wanted to be in Standards mode but had an invalid doctype or extraneous markup before their tag. When in doubt, use the simple and short <!doctype html>.

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