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I am creating a release with reltool. The output folder rel/lib contains all the applications with their ebin folders packed into .ez archives, e.g. for crypto:

crypto-2.2/priv/ (with some files in the priv folder)
crypto-2.2.ez/crypto-2.2/ebin/ (with some .beam files in the ebin folder)

I start erl in the rel folder. The path to the ebin folder is in the code path, i.e. code:get_path(). returns amongst other (and similarly for other apps in the lib folder):


But yet when trying to call systools:make_tar("releases/0.1/project"). it complains that it can't find the .app files (for all the apps mentioned in the release):

crypto: File not found: ""

I see the .app file is in the archive, it's only that systools can't see it because of some reason. I tried to specify the ebin folder when calling make_tar using the path option but it doesn't seem to be working (the same error that is missing). Also:


gives me: {error,enotdir}.

Maybe systools doesn't handle archives yet? Is there any other way of creating the tar archive from a release made with reltool? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You could avoid this altogether by also excluding the ebin directory from the .ez files by adding the following to your reltool.config

{excl_archive_filters, ["^include$","^priv$","^ebin$"]}

In most cases, this will basically mean disabling the creation of the majority of the .ez files, but the release should still work just fine.

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Thanks, I know that. But that would mean disabling .ez archives altogether (as currently only ebin goes there). So, instead of disabling the feature I would rather find a way of making it working, or hear from someone that indeed in some old modules accessing files inside .ez archives don't work. But in a way it is a workaround for the problem. Just not what I am (ideally) looking for. BTW another workaround would be unpacking all .ez archives and running systools then, but again, it still doesn't seem like the right solution. – Amiramix Feb 23 '13 at 18:53
Understood. I don't know a solution then. I don't remember the exact reasons I stopped using .ez files, but I ran into enough complications that I decided it wasn't work the hassle. If you haven't asked the Erlang mailing list, I'd recommend giving that a shot. – chops Feb 24 '13 at 1:20
Thanks, I will do. – Amiramix Feb 25 '13 at 12:47

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