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I have been planning to start a personal wiki to organize my projects. After shopping for a personal wiki I settled on MoinMoin, the "DesktopEdition" version.

It seemed like a good option: no complicated installation, no database and written in Python (which is a plus for me, in case I want to tweek the code).

However, I a bit overwhelmed and have no idea where to start...

Are there any good tutorials or books on this system?

Do you recommend another wiki which might have a richer documentation, books, tutorials and so forth?

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I did something similar for moinmoin, it's pretty easy, really. Just install the personal version, start it up (there's a startup script in the install), and start editing the home page. If you post more specific issues that you're having with the install I can be more specific. –  Steve B. Sep 30 '09 at 20:33

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MoinMoin is Python greatness; easy, high-performing and easy to secure for a personal wiki. See PersonalMoinMoin for more.

It's also easy to make your own personal blog (public or not) using the following code in a new empty Blog page:


=== 5 last items ===
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Do you know of any book or good tutorial on MoinMoin? I downloaded a "desktop" version and immediately remembered the prehistoric Colossal Cave Adventure game: You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike... –  cfisher Dec 30 '09 at 17:02
right, the documentation may appear often redundant and too specific. but it's a wiki, a bazaar against the cathedral :-) moinmoin documentation is in my opinion very well maintained... best is to not hesitate and ask the community: - check moinmo.in - make yourself an account - if a page seems outdated or not clear, say it! a number of other options (stackoverflow, moinmo.in/Documentation, moinmo.in/HowTo) are also available –  meduz Jan 5 '10 at 9:36

I would recommend MediaWiki. It has a big bunch of extensions and we could start hands off using it. These examples helped a lot.

What speaks for it is that it is used within Wikipedia

  • Means well maintained and actively developed
  • Large user community, lots of help, links examples
  • Can deal with many users, large amounts of data (scales well and is stable, secure)

At the moment we are really happy with it. We had to setup some extensions, but it is rewarding. We evaluated other wikis ourselves after selecting a few from Wikimatrix. Wikimedia was our prefered one.

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I've not used it yet, but TiddlyWiki is all in JavaScript, so there's not really an install, other than downloading it. The documentation looks pretty good at first glance.

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You might want to use a hosted free/private space at TiddlySpace.

I recently evaluated options for hosted private wikis (so that you'd have your space available from anywhere). http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/PickingAWikiForYourPrivateNotebook

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