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I have a couple of job in Jenkins that archive artifact from the source tree for another job (some unit tests or alike). I have the current situation :


I would like to archive all that is in "top_dir" including the files in "scripts_dir", but not the subdirectories "dir1, dir2,...", which I do not know the name, that are in "scripts_dir". These subdirs are actually Windows directory joints that point to other places on the disk, and I do not want them to be copied.

How do I achieve this with the inculde/excludes pattern of Jenkins ?

I already tried, having include=top_dir/ , exclude=


but it always exculdes the whole "scripts_dir" folder.

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Finally, by using brute force, I found that the following expression does exclude all the files in the subdirectories of scripts_dir (whatever symlink or not), then removing these subdirs, while keeping the files directly in scripts_dir :


Thanks for the help anyway.

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Reading the ANT manual, there an followsymlinks attribute that defaults to true. You said those things you want to exclude are symlinks (although i am not sure if this will work with Windows joints). Try adding followsymlinks=false

Another solution: if all your files under scripts_dir have a set number of characters in the extension, you can put that into your include statement. This will only pickup files with extensions of 3 characters:
More on this here

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Unfortunately, I use only the web interface of Jenkins. So, hacking into the config.xml is not an option. Alternatively, the files in scripts_dir have different extension size... – user2095591 Feb 21 '13 at 15:53
But they all have an extension? So you can include multiple matches for **/scripts_dir/*.?, **/scripts_dir/*.??, **/scripts_dir/*.???, **/scripts_dir/*.????. This will handle upto 4 character extension – Slav Feb 21 '13 at 17:14

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