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I'm using Excel 2013 to get data from a SQL Server 2012 database, I successfully get data using an SQL Query, but now I want that query to be dynamic, based on the Month and Year. How is it possible to use a cell value (a spreadsheet cell) as a parameter for such a query? I use this Query:

    SELECT [Class_02] AS [MS Part Number]
          ,[701].[dbo].[ItemClasses].[Description] AS [Item Name]
          ,ROUND([701].[dbo].[frhsrg].[esr_aantal]/3, 0) AS [Aantal]
          ,[701].[dbo].[ItemAccounts].[SlsPkgsPerPurPkg] AS [Prijs]
          ,SUM(DISTINCT [701].[dbo].[frhsrg].[esr_aantal]) * [701].[dbo].[ItemAccounts].[SlsPkgsPerPurPkg] as Totaalprijs

FROM [701].[dbo].[Items] 

      WHERE DATEPART(YEAR, fakdat) =  '2013'
      AND DATEPART(QUARTER, fakdat) =  '1'
      AND [701].[dbo].[frhsrg].[docnumber] LIKE '%kwartaal%'

I have two values in Excel (Month and Year) like March 2013, and then the DATEPART statement in SQL has to be based on that. I use the Excel 2013 Add-In PowerPivot to fill the Excel sheet with the SQL Query output. How does the SQL Query need to be to do this?

In forward, many thanks!

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... I you have the query saved as a string in your Excel VBA macro (I'm assuming that is where this query is run from), simply write it as follows:


Basically having <<YEAR>> and <<MONTH>> as placeholders, then you can just use the Replace function looking something like this:

Replace strSQL, "<<YEAR>>", Range("A1").Text

where strSQL would be the SQL string

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Thanks for you comment but no, i am not using a Excel VBA Marco. I inserted the Query into a PowerPivot Table (Excel 2013 Add-In) so i really need to adjust the SQL Query to make it work –  BassieBas1987 Feb 21 '13 at 14:28

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