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For getting check-in data about some file I use cvs log filename which prints long list of all revisions. Is threre a better way for getting only last check-in info (revision, data, user). I have seen cvs log options, the -r option want revision number. Is there a way of getting it without knowing the revision number?

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There doesn't seem to be a way, with cvs log to request just the last revision to a file, according to this reference page.

cvs log -N excludes tag names, to shorten the output, and you could pipe it through head -20, for example, to reduce the volume of output:

cvs log -N filename | head -20

Depending in how clever you want to get - or how much time you want to spend on this - you could do better, by using the fact that cvs status gives you the current version number of a file, e.g.

cvs -Q status  Readme.Overview.txt
File: Readme.Overview.txt       Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    1.7
   Repository revision: 1.7     /cvsroot/tortoisecvs/TortoiseCVS/Readme.Overview.txt,v

So you could write a script that extracts the Working revision value from that output, and then passes it to cvs log -r.

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