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Say I have two dictionaries:

Dim dict1 as new dictionary(Of Integer, String)
Dim dict2 as new dictioanry(Of customType, customtype2)

I want to convert them to a list in a method and return a list of the argued dictionary value type. So....

Public Function DictToListConverter(ByVal argDict as Dictionary(Of Object, Object), ByVal argType as Type) **What goes here.

I know I can just cast the return on the calling routine, but that is not the best solution. I would not like to return a custom class which contains the values.In other words I'm looking for a way to do the following:

Pass in dictionary(Of Integer, String) and get a return of List(Of String)

at the same time, if I pass in a dictionary (of String, Boolean) then the function should return List(of Boolean)

It is looking like this is not possible and I either have to use class / struct, or just cast the object in the calling routine. Just wanted to get a verification on whether or not this request is possible.

Again, thanks!

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Assuming you're using .Net 3.5 or later you can do that with the following...

Public Function DictToListConverter(Of TKey, T)(dict As Dictionary(Of TKey, T)) As List(Of T)
    Return dict.Select(Function(i As KeyValuePair(Of TKey, T)) i.Value).ToList()
End Function
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You need to use List(Of Object), or ArrayList, which is more or less the same.

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