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I created 3 whole number fields in a CRM form: var1 var2 and result

I need var 2 to be subtracted from var1 and display the result, in the result field

Added the Jscript code to the form event, and added an onchange event to the var1 and var2 field.

I'm receiving the error:
Unable to get value of the property 'Execute': object is null or undefined

Here's my JScript:

function calculates( )

    var val1 = Xrm.Page.entity.attributes.get(safe_val1).getValue();
    var val2 = Xrm.Page.entity.attributes.get(safe_val2).getValue();

    if(val1=null) return;
    if(val2=null) return;

    var result = val1 - val2;


Thanks in advance to anyone who answers my question!

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1. Critical typo in conditionals. You're assigning null, not comparing. 2. In JS, you need to compare using three equality signs, sometimes. 3. I'm not sure if you got the right values in the variables referring to the field names. – Konrad Viltersten Feb 21 '13 at 21:52

The basic syntax of Xrm.Page.data.entity.attributes.get requires you to pass the name of a field.

e.g. suppose I am on the Contact form and I want to grab the firstname field, I would use


In your example above you are passing in to variables called safe_val1 and safe_val2. There is no suggestion these are initialised anywhere, so that means are you are passing null which will make CRM cry.

You need to look at the names of the fields you want to pass in and use them instead.

edit: just noticed you are missing the data object

edit2: Alternatively you can use the shorthand/shortcut method

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I tried that and just tried that again, but am still receiving the same error. – Denise Kennedy Feb 21 '13 at 15:38
Here is the complete error that I am receiving: – Denise Kennedy Feb 21 '13 at 15:42
Where? I would suggest updating your question with the full error. – glosrob Feb 21 '13 at 15:46
Here the first part of the error that would be sent to MS. <ReportVersion>1.0</ReportVersion> <Message>Unable to get value of the property 'Execute': object is null or undefined</Message> <Line>1</Line> – Denise Kennedy Feb 21 '13 at 15:50
Can you copy/paste that entire error into your question detail? – glosrob Feb 21 '13 at 15:56

I'll give it a whack, but I'm not in front of the computer so it's just a general suggestion (that might resolve your issue).

There are some issues with the code. I'd rewrite it as follows and get back to tell what's happening then.

function calculate() {
  // Make sure that you refer the right fields.
  var val1 = Xrm.Page.entity.attributes.get("var1").getValue();
  var val2 = Xrm.Page.entity.attributes.get("var2").getValue();

  // Yes! Triple equality sign. I'm not BS'ing. I'm JS'ing.
  if(val1 === null || val2 === null) return;

  // Make sure that the computation's been carried out properly.
  var result = val1 - val2;


If you want to tear out your eyes from the sockets watching the ugly and weird

if(val1 === null || val2 === null) return;

you might want to exchange it for

if(!val1 || !val2) return;

which is also ugly and weird but less. And if this fails, comment everything out and do exactly the following. Just to make sure that we eliminate other issues you might have.

function calculate(){
  alert("Konrad Viltersten is godlike but humble.");

If it works, you go shotgun and add one line at a time to see when the weird stuff starts happening. (JS - where the joy of programming goes to die.)

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