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I'm Building a MFC C++ app. I have a need to render a window to the shape of a dynamic string. To archive this, I did the following:

  1. Use GDI+ to render the text using GraphicsPath and AddString in GDI+
  2. Create a Region object from GraphicsPath
  3. Convert Region to CRng and use SetWindowRgn to set the window shape

Here is the code:

In OnInitDialog:

CClientDC dc(this);
Graphics graphics(dc.GetSafeHdc());

GraphicsPath path;
FontFamily fontFamily(L"Arial");
StringFormat strformat;
wchar_t pszbuf[] = L"testString";
path.AddString(pszbuf, wcslen(pszbuf), &fontFamily, FontStyleRegular, 14, 
Gdiplus::Point(0,16), &strformat );
Region myRgn(&path);    

CRng rgn;
SetWindowRgn(rgn,TRUE) ;

In OnPaint

RECT rect;
CBrush brush;
paint_dc.FillRect(&rect, &brush);

The problem is that I'm not seeing anything being displayed. Any comments?

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Have you tried to use LRESULT OnPaint (HWND hWnd) and BeginPaint / EndPaint? – duDE Feb 21 '13 at 14:45
No error checking at all so of course you don't know why it doesn't work. SetWindowRgn doesn't do what you think it does, use SelectObject() instead. – Hans Passant Feb 21 '13 at 14:46
@HansPassant Why would you assume there was NO error checking? of course there is. the listing is here to highlight the main calls made in the code. I need to set the whole window to the shape of the region so I do need SetWindowRgn (updated the description) – dave Feb 21 '13 at 21:14

'CRgn::FromHandle()' is a static function which returns a CRgn.


CRgn * rgn = CRgn::FromHandle(myRgn.GetHRGN(&graphics));

instead of

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Best way to get this working is make sure that the CRgn variable is in OnPaint. CRgn goes out of scope as soon as OnInitDialog ends Second, use ClientDC instead of WindowDC. You may have to modify the Graphics / GraphicsPath variable to global so it can be accessed from OnPaint. Hope this helps.

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One problem could be that your CRgn is going out of scope before the Window gets drawn. If you look in the documentation ( it says "The system does not make a copy of the region". Try having your CRgn as a member variable of the window class and see if it helps.

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