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I'm new for IOS programming. I want to send data to iPhone via TCP/IP protocol using WiFi network. I have already done with client to send data. I want to known Iphone can be a server that receive data and display on the screen? Server have to listening on port from client what would i suppose to use command or method? any suggestion?

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Suggestions: 1. Have a look at this page. 2. Google NSNetService, CFNetwork and BSD sockets tutorial. –  user529758 Feb 21 '13 at 14:33

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Check if this could be helpful for you: https://github.com/fpotter/socketio-cocoa

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Yes, iPhone can act as server.

An easy way out would be using Robbie Hanson's wrapper called CocoaAsyncSocket.

It comes with server examples. I believe server code is written for OSX but it can be easily converted for iOS usage.

One problem that you might encounter is discoverability - finding the current IP of the device - you can overcome this problem using Bonjour, but that is another topic. Pretty easy to implement though.

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