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I can swear that I heard that TD14 will support bitwise, but I see no mention of it in searches nor searching "bitwise" in the TD14 manual.

Can someone confirm whether or not bitwise is supported?

BTW, the manual I am looking at is the Teradata User Documentation in case there's another doc that I should be reading.

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Check out Chapter 4 of the Teradata 14 SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions and Predicates manual explains the Byte/Bit Manipulation Functions available in Teradata 14 via embedded services functions.

(read: They are not native ANSI operators like what is found in Transact-SQL.)

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Yes, Teradata 14 (and other versions) support these kinds of functions, as documented in Chapter 6, "Bit/Byte Manipulation Functions," of the "SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates" reference. Specifically, they have BITAND(target_arg, bit_mask_arg), as well as BITNOT, BITOR, BITXOR, COUNTSET, GETBIT, SETBIT, ROTATELEFT, ROTATERIGHT, SHIFTLEFT, SHIFTRIGHT, and SUBBITSTR.

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