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how can i get similarity score between query and each of retrieved documents in Solr? further more how can I set Solr retrieval method. for example chose between Vector Space model or Document Language Model. Is It possible?

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As you mentioned in your own answer, you can specify Solr you want to retrieve the score of every document using fl=*, score. You can see it reading this documentation

First of all, Lucene/Solr, only provides TF-IDF (VSM based) scoring strategy. If you decided to plug-in third party Similarity implementations, you can change the scoring strategy used by Solr, but you can't change it in query basis. In fact, you need to reload the core to change it.

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as mentioned here you can add score field to the result by adding fl=*,score to your request.

but I still cant find a way to chose the retrieval method.

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Are you using SolrJ? – Samuel García Feb 21 '13 at 20:49

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