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I am using struts2-jquery-jqgrid. I am having filterSearch on the grid. Here in filter I have a drop-down list on column Assigned To containing the list of users, and based on the users,data can be filtered.

Problem Scenario:

When I select an option from drop-down list data is filtered successfully but after that jqgrid is automatically getting refreshed. So, again I can not get the filtered data in the grid.

My grid is

            filterOptions="{stringResult :true,
                            searchOnEnter : true,
                            enableClear : true,
**// Update Section**       autosearch:'false' //this solved my problem
            <sjg:gridColumn name="assigned_to"   index="assigned_user" key="assigned_user" title="Assigned To" searchtype="select"
              searchoptions="{defaultSearch:'cn', dataUrl : '%{fillUser}', 
              dataEvents: [{ type: 'change', fn: function(elem) { myfunction(elem)}}]}"/>

Snapshot of my grid

enter image description here

Any Help would be great.

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You have not option in the code that enables it autorefreshing. –  Roman C Feb 21 '13 at 16:58
I mean, jqgrid is automatically getting refreshed, are you getting wht I am trying to say –  arvin_codeHunk Feb 22 '13 at 5:28

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ok I made it working,just I had to add autosearch:'false' plese check the updated section

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