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There are users:

id | name
 1    user1
 2    testuser

There are tasks:

id | creatorid | ownerid| name
1     1           1        task1
2     1           2        task2
3     2           1        task3
4     2           2        task4

I did something like that:


but then the tables are connected with "creatorid", and not "ownerid", how to specify it?

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It depends on how you define the Task relation on the Users table. You should have something like:

    owner: {class: User, local: ownerId, foreign: id, foreignAlias: ownedTasks}
    creator: {class: User, local: creatorId, foreign: id, foreignAlias: createdTasks}

Then you can use:


to join by the owners or


to join by the creator.

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I use Doctrine_Query

$q = Doctrine_Query::create()
        ->select('u.*, t.*')
        ->from('Users u')
        ->leftJoin('u.Tasks t ON = t.creatorid');

echo $q->getSqlQuery();

Doctrine 1.2 Left Join Documentation

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