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I am searching for an enterprise application for a midsized company (which have around 50 employees and around 200 clients) that provides; content management system for building intranet & Extranet portals, document management, enterprise search, collaboration and so on. And currently I am trying to find the differences between SharePoint and SiteCore , from my reading and investigation (bearing in mind that I did not work on any of them), I can figure out the following:-

  1. Sitecore is a better CMS for building external websites, while SharePoint is a better CMS for intranet collaborative portal.

  2. SharePoint have a better security management & document management.

  3. SharePoint are more IT centric by allowing to easily use ready libraries and web parts, while sitecore is more developer centric.

Are my above point right? And does anyone have other points to compare with especially in the price requirements for both software?

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Let me start off by saying I don't have a whole lot of experience with Sharepoint.

  1. While I believe Sitecore can also be used to build intranet portals (for instance, by using the Intranet Module - which I have never used, so can't say whether that's good or not), and Sharepoint can be used to build external websites, I have been told multiple times that yes - it does seem to be the case.

  2. Don't know enough about SharePoint to tell you this

  3. Yeah, I think I'd agree with this as well.

Have a read through this article, which states the following:

For an external content focus, choose Sitecore.
For a marketing driven platform, choose Sitecore.
For a platform to customize the web user experience based on non-authenticated users, choose Sitecore (and the Sitecore OMS)
For an internal content focus with enterprise level security requirements, choose Sharepoint
For a collaboration platform, choose Sharepoint
For an IT driven platform, choose Sharepoint

Basically, it comes down on what you need to do with it.

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thanks for the reply, i actually read this link before and it was useful. –  John Peter Feb 21 '13 at 16:33
BUT WHY THIS QUESTION WAS CLOSED!!!1 –  John Peter Feb 22 '13 at 8:42

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