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I'm aware of the JQuery Autocomplete plugins but those provide answers to you in a dropdown list below the typed text. Is there a method or a plugin that allows you to have the autocomplete feature simliar to Firebug (when typing in CSS) or Google Developer Tools where the answers are provided to the user inline with the text they are typing?

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Plugin inlineComplete() should satisfy your requirements:


var termListUrls = ["facebook.com", "apple.de", "google.de", "www.golem.de", "golem.de"];

    submitOnReturn: true,
    terms: termListUrls

Live Demo: http://pburke.de/jquery/inlinecomplete/

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perfect. Thanks! –  bagofmilk Feb 21 '13 at 16:13

After a while looking for a autocomplete inline with ajax(database access), i decided to write one. Hope the result can be helpful http://plugins.jquery.com/tryonline/

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