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I'm trying to sort an array in Ruby by length and alphanumeric:

The desired order would be:

  • site.com?page=7
  • site.com?page=8
  • site.com?page=9
  • site.com?page=880

I've been trying array.sort and sort! but none of them seems to do the trick, as they will place the 880 next after 8.

How would I go about doing this the most effective way?

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Lets say you have an array:

a = ["site.com?page=7", "site.com?page=8", "site.com?page=9", "site.com?page=880"]

Then you can do:

a = a.sort_by{|t| t.split(/page=/)[1].to_i}

In short I use a custom sort criteria and that criteria is to split the string by "page=", then use the numerical value(to_i) of the string after the first match of page= for the sorting.

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Thanks. Though I'm afraid I should have posted the entire URI, as page is just one of many. Is it still possible to do something? –  charliexx Feb 21 '13 at 20:21

You can use the group_by function to group items by length and sort_by to order them alphanumerically within the group, and finally flatten the groups:

list.group_by {|i| i.length}.sort_by{|i| i.first}.collect {|i| i.last.sort}.flatten
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