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I have this POST param (from the Google cart script) in Rails 3.

"shopping-cart.items.item-1.item-name"=>"Item one",
"shopping-cart.items.item-1.item-description"=>"An item",

"shopping-cart.items.item-2.item-name"=>"Item two",
"shopping-cart.items.item-2.item-description"=>"Another item",

"shopping-cart.items.item-3.item-name"=>"Item three",
"shopping-cart.items.item-3.item-description"=>"Yet another item",


What is the most effective way of converting this to the obvious hash?

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Try this:

params.map { |k,v| [k.split('.').reverse,v] }.map { |keys,val| keys.inject(val) { |val, e| { e => val }} }.inject({}) { |hsh, h| hsh.deep_merge(h) }

It may not be the most optimal way, but - unless we're talking about millions of items in the cart - it still does the job faster than a single DB query.

For your sample params the result should be:

{"shopping-cart"=>{"items"=>{"item-1"=>{"item-name"=>"Item one", "item-description"=>"An item", "unit-price"=>{"currency"=>"GBP"}, "quantity"=>"1"}, "item-2"=>{"item-name"=>"Item two", "item-description"=>"Another item", "unit-price"=>{"currency"=>"GBP"}, "quantity"=>"3"}, "item-3"=>{"item-name"=>"Item three", "item-description"=>"Yet another item", "unit-price"=>{"currency"=>"GBP"}, "quantity"=>"2"}}}, "edit_url"=>"http://somerailsapp/store/buy", "_charset_"=>"UTF-8", "controller"=>"order", "action"=>"process"}

You may also use

k.split('.').reverse.map { |k| sanitize_key(k) }

where sanitize_key gets rid of item- prefix and/or changes the item number to integer.

Edit: I just noticed that the price goes missing - so you may want to add '.amount' to the keys ending with unit-price. Somehow this cart hash is not sanely structured...


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I agree, the cart hash is not helpful! – Russell Feb 21 '13 at 22:24
I believe your answer would work with something along the lines of executed first ... cart = cart.each { |key,value| key.gsub!(/unit-price/,"unit-price.amount")} .. does that seem along the right trail of thought? One issue would be that the regex would also replace ...unit-price.currency with ...unit-price.amount.currency I'm not best skilled in regex yet, is there a way to match a whole, literal string, or match unit-price AND NOT unit-price.currency? – Russell Feb 21 '13 at 22:34
Fixed working from this example. Thanks Pandaamonium. – Russell Mar 7 '13 at 10:57

The ideal way is to change your parameters to reflect the structure you want. For parameters that should be nested in a hash, such as shopping-cart.items.item-1.item-name, change the name of the parameter to shopping-cart[items][item-1][item-name]. Then rails will do the work for you.

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Unfortunately, I don't have control over the parameter names. They have to be converted to a hash in the application. – Russell Feb 21 '13 at 17:12
Then you'll want to see Tass's comment about duplication. – Scott S Feb 21 '13 at 17:21

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