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I have the following Boolean statement in Python:

   'select storage_time from traces where id=' + trace_id
).dictresult()[0]['storage_time'] == None

It basically checks if there is a value in storage_time and I would like to do the same thing in Matlab, but I can't find anything equivalent to None.

Could you please help me out?


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I would look at a trace_id where you know this is true in python and see what the query returns in matlab –  tcaswell Feb 21 '13 at 16:13

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MATLAB's Database Toolbox has preferences how to handle NULL values. Depending on those settings you can get different values. See SETDBPREFS for details. You can change preferences in GUI as well.

By default you will get NaN if you read the data as numeric, and 'NULL' strings if you read as strings. In the first case for numbers check for NaN with ISNAN function.

null_idx = isnan(fetcheddata);

For strings use STRCMP:

null_idx= strcmp(upper(fetcheddata), 'NULL');

In addition, if you fetch the data as cell array, you may need to deal with them with CELLFUN or convert to matrix with CELL2MAT.

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Matlab idiom is usually to use the isempty() function.


returns true if somefunction(someargument) returns any empty result, and false otherwise.

I have not worked with the Matlab DB toolbox much, so I'm not sure what the full translation of your Python statement is.

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If you use this query you can check for True or False in instead of None:

trace_id_exists = db_connection.query("""\
    select exists (
        select 1
        from traces
        where id = %s
        ) "exists"
    """ % trace_id

if trace_id_exists:

You could also return something else like 1 or 0.

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