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I want to measure, how much accesses to the hard disc (so how much Bytes readed / written) a program made. I googled the problem, and found out, that Sigar should be able to record things like that, but after continuing the search, I didn't find anything to get the count of read/writes. Before the program starts, I do

sigar = new Sigar();

And afterwars, I do

for ( FileSystem fs : sigar.getFileSystemList() )
  if ( fs.getType() == FileSystem.TYPE_LOCAL_DISK )
        System.out.println("Dev: " + fs.getDevName() + ": " + sigar.getDiskUsage(fsName).getReads() +" "+ sigar.getDiskUsage(fsName).getWrites());

but this doesn't return any sensefull (I've tried it with an java-Program, that just writes Numbers, and it says that there was hard disc usage.

sigar.getDiscUsage also seems to only display how big parts of the file system are used, not how much access there has been. Has anybody an hint how to measure this, with sigar or with another library?

Thanks in advance DaGeRe

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"how much accesses to the hard disc (so how much Bytes readed / written)" They aren't the same thing. You can measure bytes in and out, but you have absolutely no way of knowing how many disc accesses that took. – EJP Feb 22 '13 at 0:30

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