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Goal : Collect all files, complete with directory structure, matching a directory structure.

Wrinkle: Need to filter out a pesky undesired directory that matches but is thankfully uniquely named 'do-not-want'. Actual string changed to protect the innocent.

  • source/dir1/content/scripts - ok
  • source/dir2/subdir1/content/scripts - ok
  • source/dir3/do-not-want/content/scripts - well... do not want

The script below works but I have to do a separate check for the undesired path which should not be necessary. When I test this same FileList in irb with the exclude it works as desired. From my rakefile I see the do-not-want directories being returned by the FileList.

FileList['source/**/content/scripts'].exclude('do-not-want').each do |f|
    unless /do-not-want/ =~ f #hmm why does the exclude above not actually exclude do-not-want directories?
        Dir.chdir(f) do |d|
            puts "directory changed to #{d} and copying scripts from #{d} to common directory #{target}"
            FileUtils.cp_r('.', target)

Surely I am doing something dumb.

Bonus points: if you help me learn rake/ruby and show me a better way to accomplish same goal while defeating the wrinkle.

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I think you should use FileList['source/**/content/scripts'].exclude(/\/do-no-want\//) to filter out paths which contain "/do-no-want/" substring.

Try adding output to your rake file, so you can see and debug what's going on there.

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