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I use slf4j 1.7.2 with logback 1.0.7. I want to be able to supply a command line parameter to my Java application that sets the level of messages logged to stdout. For example, -logLevel trace should result in all messages logged but -logLevel warning only in warnings and errors. The logs should come from all loggers in the application (= the root logger).

Currently I have a ConsoleAppender for System.out that ensures, by means of TresholdFilter, that only info warning and error messages are printed out to stdout. The root logger references it. I don't know how to programatically change the filtered levels for this appender, which I need to base the logged levels on a command line parameter.

While the levels logged to stdout should be influenced, I still want for the root logger to log all levels, as they are sent to other appenders, e.g. diagnostics.txt file that should have all the levels all the time.


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Logback's configuration file allows the use of variables. You can define a System property (-D parameter to the JVM), and the use that value in the configuration file. The syntax is:


You should be able to define a variable, say -DSYSOUT_LOG_LEVEL=ERROR Then, in your logback.xml file, instead of setting a specific level for the filter, you can use ${SYSOUT_LOG_LEVEL}, e.g.

<filter class="ch.qos.logback.classic.filter.ThresholdFilter">
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Works, thanks! Logback doc mentioning this. –  Konrad Jamrozik Feb 22 '13 at 19:34

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