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How can I hide an element in html on Pocket Internet Explorer running on a Windows Mobile 6 device. The following code does not work even though it apears to be setting the values correctly.

function ShowCollapseElement(sLinkId, sContentId)
	var oLinkElement;
	var oContentElement;

	//Get the elements
	oLinkElement = document.getElementById(sLinkId);
	oContentElement = document.getElementById(sContentId);

	//Toggle the visibility of the content = ( != 'none' ? 'none' : 'inline');

	//Set the link text
	oLinkElement.innerText = ( != 'none' ? '-' : '+');
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I've just discovered that the code works when the element is a div, but not with a table row. I will have to settle for using a div.

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