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We have a system a group of PIC32 MCU on a shared UART bus plus a couple I/Os as hand-shake akin to chip select. One master multiple slaves. The transmit from master to slave is direct and goes well. the response signal from slave to master goes trough a 1K resistor with a 10K pullup on master side. Each slave must disable its UART if not selected so as not to disturb other slave's transmission. The master is always active and allows a 400 us delays between two slaves communication sequence. Transmissions are made in 4-bytes chunks.

One out of 5 systems we build have issues where the start bit from one of the slave in incomplete. A glitch of about 1/4 bit width. When this appends, the master master fail to recognise the chunk and timeout the transmission. So far we worked around the problem by changing the faulty MCU, but that is a development-time fix, not good for production.

Anyone have seen something similar? what can be the issue?

We are using pic32mx320F064H-80 for both master ans slave devices.

Thank you.

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I've had lots of PIC and UART experience, including a shared UART bus.

Either the selected slave is not enabled soon enough before transmission
- or -
the previous selected slave is not disabled soon enough.

Knowing the baud would help.

Details about the controlling "chip select" are needed.

When you say "disable its UART" are you referring to disabling its I/O output or are you disabling the PIC's UART?

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