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I am creating a webpage for small primary school, where teachers can make a new posts for children parents. Webpage is very simple and I want to keep it simple, but there is a problem with text_area. In the view all written text is in one block, but I want to write some sentences in new line, how I can do this to keep it simple. I don't want to use a rich text editors for that problem.

Thank you.

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in your view, use simple_format() That will display all text as it was typed, with spaces and line breaks.

an example from one of my apps:

<div id="report-body">
    <%= simple_format(@report.body) %>
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Thank you very much! –  RydelHouse Feb 21 '13 at 18:07

Use line feed and carriage return to put new line in text area (i.e) &#13;&#10;

For example:

<textarea>This is first line. &#13;&#10;</textarea>

To add &#13;&#10; in text area you need to implement some javascript to create keyboard shortcut.

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I am not sure if I get your question correctly; I think it is a question about css. I think you just need to give this property:

white-space: pre;

in the css for textarea. Then, all white spaces, including carriage return, will appear as they are in the textarea.

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wrap your text inside html tags for simplicity, you can also add a simple CSS and style your page as desired.

<p> This is your paragraph </p>
<h1> This is your heading </h1>

use a <br> tag to break line

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