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I am attempting to debug a page issue where IE 9 will work the first time on my requirejs/backbone application, but will fail on the page reload. However, when I attempt to debug this problem using the f12 IE developer tools, I cannot navigate to the source to set a breakpoint because IE does not load any of the files that RequireJS includes. How can I get around this issue to fix my IE headache??

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Does clicking the refresh icon in the HTML tab make a difference? –  epascarello Feb 21 '13 at 17:47
It does refresh all the script tags that requirejs has written to the dom in the HTML view. However, the script tab does not reflect these new scripts (can't see them) –  Matt Broekhuis Feb 22 '13 at 16:36

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I guess I am late for the party but hope my answer helps you and others as well. The file that you want to debug or the line in the file, simply add this --> debugger; before that line.

So, when require.js loads your script and encounter that string i.e. debugger; exists it will automatically be stopped at that line.

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You can generate a single js File with require tools :

In your index.html link this file instead of require.js.

You can debug with IE.

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