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I have the following template

   <ui:define name="portal">
    <ui:insert name="header">
        <ui:include src="header.xhtml" />

    <ui:insert name="menu">
        <ui:include src="menu.xhtml" />

    <ui:insert name="content"/>

To change the content of my content i have inside my index.xhtml

 <ui:define name="conteudo">
    <ui:include src="#{navigationMBean.currentPage}" />

And when i click a item in a header.xhtml

<li><h:commandLink action="#{navigationMBean.goToAccount}"><i class="icon-cog"/> #{msg['app.profile']}</h:commandLink></li>

My navigationMBean i change the content the the currentPage

public void goToAccount() {

    this.currentPage = "/secure/account.xhtml";

And the account.xhtml is show inside the content section of my template.

The problem is, using this approach my mBeans with ViewScope, has instantiate only once, when i click in a link in my header the MBean only instantiate the first time.

How can i get my beans destroy when i change the page by clicking in the links inside my header ?


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Your code is invalid. The <h:outputLink> doesn't have an action attribute. Clicking the link would not have any effect other than refreshing the current page and surely not invoke the method (that method is only invoked as value expression on initial request). Didn't you carelessly oversimplify too much? – BalusC Feb 21 '13 at 18:51
Sorry, the real code, i'm using h:commandLink. – Raphael Feb 22 '13 at 0:22

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