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I count the words in a contenteditable. I split it using spaces. The problem comes when you enter a new line. It doesn’t count the word you’re currently writing on the new line until you add a space.

On top of that, in the following example if you split the example text into two lines, it will “eat up” one word when you do that:


I’m guessing this issue exists because between HTML elements there are no spaces:

<div>some things</div><div>are cool</div> its string would be “some thingsare cool”.

Here’s the code that I have:

function wordCount() {
var content_text = $('#post_content').text(),
    char_count = content_text.length,
    word_count = 0;
    // if no characters, words = 0
    if (char_count != 0) 
      word_count = content_text.replace(/[^\w ]/g, "").split(/\s+/).length;
$('.word_count').html(word_count + " words &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp; " + char_count + " characters");

I tried replacing some HTML tags:

word_count = content_text.replace(/&nbsp;/g, " ").replace(/<div>/g, "<p>").replace(/<\/div>/g, "</p>").replace(/<\/p><p>/g, " ").split(/\s+/).length;

without any luck. I need to discard whether it’s a <p> or <div> and some browsers add &nbsp; when merging lines together.

Any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks to Jefferson below for his clever method, I managed to solve this. For some reason I have to do -1 on the word_count to display the correct number of words:

function wordCount() {
  var content_div = $('#post_content'),
      char_count = content_div.text().length,
      word_count = 0;
  // if no characters, words = 0
  if (char_count != 0) 
    content_div.children().each(function(index, el) {
      content_text += $(el).text()+"\n";
  // if there is content, splits the text at spaces (else displays 0 words)
  if (typeof content_text !== "undefined")
    word_count = content_text.split(/\s+/).length - 1;
  $('.word_count').html(word_count + " words &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp; " + char_count + " characters");
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sashok - excellent question. great detail. thank you for using jsfiddle –  Yuck Feb 21 '13 at 18:06
Count is off without even hitting enter: console.log(content_text.replace(/[^\w ]/g, "").split(/\s+/)); First index is a empty string. –  epascarello Feb 21 '13 at 18:11

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You can use this:

$("#post_content").children().each(function(index, el){buffer += $(el).text()+"\n"})

This way you iterate by all elements inside your div and get only the text, put a "\n" between them.

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buffer is a String, I don't put it in the code, but I think you understand how will work this –  Jefferson Henrique C. Soares Feb 21 '13 at 18:37
Thanks, smart solution. I edited my question with my answer, using your method. –  Alex Feb 21 '13 at 23:20

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