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i've been assigned a homework that includes audio processing in matlab, what i got to do is get at least 3 channels of different frequencies in a song, and increase the dB output depending on the channel. It's got to work like an equalizer but using only 3 channels. My biggest problem here is getting a frequency and magnitude values and save it into variables separated in channels (Low, Mid and High) frequencies.

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  1. Read your file using wavread
  2. Specify the filter using fdesign (FDesign Help) where you need 3 filters lowpass, bandpass and High pass. (You may need to decimate)
  3. Use design to actually design the filter from above specification. You need to specify & design thrice as you have 3 channels. This can be made into a function and wavread output can be passed to this.
  4. Finally use filter command to actually filter the data. (Again 3 filters)
  5. Now you have 3 outputs which belong to 3 frequencies. (Use Matlab help its really good)

PS: I assume you have Signal Processing Toolbox.

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