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I'm trying out rspec-fire but it doesn't seem to behave as the README suggests. My project is here:


When I run:

rspec spec/user_spec.rb

it passes, as expected. But when I run:

rspec -Ilib/email_notifier.rb spec/user_spec.rb

it still passes, even though the README says that should fail (since email_notifier.rb is an empty class).

Am I misunderstanding how rspec-fire should work?

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The README was slightly wrong. This is the command that you actually need:

bin/rspec -Ilib -remail_notifier.rb spec/user_spec.rb

The command that you ran (based on the README) was putting lib/email_notifier.rb onto the load path, but it was not requiring it anywhere. The class needs to be loaded for rspec-fire to do its interface verification for you.

I've just updated the README. Thanks!

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Thanks! I've blogged about trying rspec-fire: blog.andywaite.com/2013/02/21/playing-with-rspec-fire –  Andy Waite Feb 22 '13 at 11:54
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