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I'm using UIActivityViewController and when the user selects email from the list of options is there a way to save the email recipients that the user inputs?

Do I need to subclass ActivityItemSource as was done here?

I realize getting the email recipients is tricky even with just using MFMailcomposeViewController as in here.

Do I need to subclass MFMailcomposeViewController to save the email recipients that the user inputs?

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From the class reference:

Important: The mail composition interface itself is not customizable and must not be modified by your application. In addition, after presenting the interface, your application is not allowed to make further changes to the email content. The user may still edit the content using the interface, but programmatic changes are ignored. Thus, you must set the values of content fields before presenting the interface.

So, no. You should not subclass MFMailcomposeViewController in order to "steal" the email addresses that the user has entered. This is a privacy issue, and Apple specifically designed it this way. If you try to circumvent this, then your app very likely will be (and should be) rejected.

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Inafziger, thank you for your answer. I'm sorry that you inferred nefarious "stealing" without knowing the context. The context is that the user willingly enters an email address in exchange for a reward. I just need to capture that email address. I've now thought of another way to do so. – James Testa Feb 23 '13 at 22:14
Well, I did put it in quotes, mainly to infer that it COULD be used for that purpose (and therefore explains why it can't/shouldn't be done). Sorry if you took it as a personal affront as it certainly wasn't meant that way! – lnafziger Feb 24 '13 at 0:26

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