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var UserData = function(){
    var self = this;
    this.schema = Schema({
        userID: String,
        firstName: String,
        lastName: String,
        //many other fields.
        isActive: {type: "Boolean", default: true}
    },  { collection: 'UserData' });

    this.model = db.model('UserData', self.schema);

    this.upsert = function(object){
        //some logic
        self.model.update({userID: object.userID}, object, {upsert: true}, function(err){...});

This code work fine except for the isActive will be overwritten during the upsert.

I want to implement the logic like this:

  1. Default isActive to be true for new record.
  2. When do upsert, keep isActive unchanged.

How to achieve that? Thanks in advance!

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Convert the document to an object and remove the property that you don't want to write. Then upsert the object.

this.upsert = function (doc) {
    var object = doc.toObject();
    delete object.isActive;

    self.model.update({userID: object.userID}, object, {upsert: true}, function(err){...});
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