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Previously we had 32 bit C++. Now, we have migrated it to 64 bit. And our C++ programs interact with Oracle 10g DB.

Our C++ program was working fine with 32 bit. But once after we migrate to 64 bit we are facing problem with one program which does:


from Oracle DB.

We exit from a for loop in the C++ program when we get:

NOT FOUND(sqlca.sqlcode=1403)

on executing the FETCH statement.

The sqlcode generated for NOT FOUND scenario is 1403. But, once after moving to 64 bit C++, we do not see the sqlcode 1403 instead we are seeing a different code 7124089117159473.

As the sqlcode is not 1403, our program does not exit from the for loop and goes on an infinite loop.

Am I missing anything that makes me to not get the exact sqlcode?

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It got fixed. The variables sqlabc, sqlcode and sqlerrd in the header file sqlca.h were long previously. After changing all these to int, it started working. – user1090172 Mar 1 '13 at 20:10

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