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I've been stuck on this for about three hours and searched the web, all I need to happen is for a popup_menu to send an operator to a mysql statement, here is what I have so far.

$sqltest=$dbh->prepare("SELECT Time, Date, Event FROM Events WHERE Date ? ?");

popup_menu({-values=>["<",">","="], -name=>'1'})

The code works perfectly if I remove the first question mark and replace it with an operator, so all other parameters are working fine, its just having a problems sending the operator.

Cheers all.

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You can't send an operator as a parameter. You'll have to inject it directly into the query. – Pekka 웃 Feb 21 '13 at 19:29

You can only bind values to parameters. An operator is not a value, so you can't bind it to a parameter.

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As you have seen, you cannot bind an operator. There's a programming approach if you don't want to build your query strings dynamically:

%sqltest = (
    '<' => $dbh->prepare("SELECT Time, Date, Event FROM Events WHERE Date < ?"),
    '=' => $dbh->prepare("SELECT Time, Date, Event FROM Events WHERE Date = ?"), 
    '>' => $dbh->prepare("SELECT Time, Date, Event FROM Events WHERE Date > ?")
$sqltest{param(1)}->execute( param('4')."-".param('3')."-".param('2') );
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