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I have a gridpanel with some buttons for each row in the panel. When clicking the buttons, a new Ext.window pops up loading a remote url . Since the remote URL is opened in an iframe, I cannot use Ext.getBody().mask in the parent grid and Ext.getBody().unmask in the iframe, because these are two different pages. The reason I want to do it like this (Ext.getBody().mask in the parent page, and the unmask in the iframe) is because the url loaded in the iframe has a lot of js and images being loaded in the section. Therefore if i use the mask and unmask in the iframe, it will still take a lot of time to load whats in the iframe header, until it gets to the point where I can use the Ext.getBody().mask

My question is: can Ext.getBody().unmask() be used somehow on the parent window? (to hide the mask opened from the parent)?

Thanks, Dan

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try running window.parent.Ext.getBody().unmask() from the iframe.

I assume your iframe has the same origin as the parent.

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thanks for that. –  aMazing Dec 2 at 3:23
welcome, thanks for the uptick :) –  dbrin Dec 2 at 15:54

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