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I am trying to test a string for a state code, the regex I have is


The issue is, if I have something like "CTA12" as a test string, it will get a match of CT. How can I modify my regex to make it only match state codes that are not part of a larger string?

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Your use of anchors with alternation is incorrect, ^AB|DC$ means "strings that start with AB or end with DC". To get the ^ and $ to both apply to each element of the alternation, you need to put the alternation in a group, for example ^(AB|DC)$.

Try changing your regex to the following:


The alternative to using a group is to put the ^ and $ as a part of each element in the alternation, for example ^AB$|^DC$, but that would make your regex significantly longer so a group is the way to go.

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Awesome, thanks!!! – antonpug Feb 21 '13 at 19:50

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