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I am having an issue getting the Google Test Framework to work in Eclipse CDT, running on Fedora 18.

  • fuse_gtest_files.py was used to create the gtest.h and gtest-all.cc files in a separate directory (gtest_lib), which was added to the project and excluded from Release/Debug builds
  • A new build configuration (UnitTests) was made and the .cpp with main() from my src file was excluded
  • A folder (test) was made to hold my unit test and .cpp with the gtest main(), also excluded from Release/Debug builds
  • The include path (-l) for the GCC Compiler was updated to include the workspace folder gtest_lib, for both the test and gtest_lib folders. The test folder also includes the src folder.
  • The library for pthread was added to the GCC Compiler.

Eclipse is now showing that it is able to locate the header gtest/gtest.h, but all the functions that should be contained in gtest-all.cc are coming up as "Could not be resolved". Mainly the InitGoogleTest and RUN_ALL_TEST(). Any suggestions?

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