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I need to call a none static function in class MainWindow but the problem is when I create an instance of the MainWindow class in another class, the application window stops launching.

So how can I call a function without creating an instance of MainWindow? To edit the conten of a label or any other attribute of a XAML object.

Some examples will be great.

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If your goal is to change the content or an attribute value of a XAML object, then I'd recommend you look at DataBinding and MVVM. If you are using DataBinding, you don't need to concern yourself with the XAML or the MainWindow at all - you just change a property value on the DataContext or ViewModel and the change is automatically reflected in the view (in this case, the MainWindow).

Multiple classes can have a reference to this object (your ViewModel or DataContext object) and can make changes to properties and have those changes reflected in the view. It is hard to give examples without a clearer picture of what you're trying to do. Perhaps if you provide some example code or show what you've attempted, I can use that to create an example.

For more reading on MVVM and DataBinding, you can start here, but there are tons of resources out there.

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