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I want to know how to, in Clojure, if handed a symbol name and a vector, to replace said item.

For instance, I want to replace any instance of:

[:not :symbolName]


(not symbolName)


[ [:p] [:not :q] [:not :r] [r] ]

Would become:

[ [:p] (not q) (not r) [r] ]

Any help would be greatly appreciated, much love in advance ^_^

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This is pretty generic.

(defn sym-replace [[x y] & syms]
    (and x y (some #{x} syms)) (list (-> x name symbol) (-> y name symbol))
    (and x y) [x y]
    :else [x]))


(def my-vec [[:p] [:not :q] [:not :r] ['r] [:foo :bar]])

(map #(sym-replace % :not) my-vec)
;; ([:p] (not q) (not r) [r] [:foo :bar])

(map #(sym-replace % :foo) my-vec)
;; ([:p] [:not :q] [:not :r] [r] (foo bar))

(map #(sym-replace % :not :foo) my-vec)
;; ([:p] (not q) (not r) [r] (foo bar))
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(use '[clojure.walk :only (prewalk)])

(defn match? [x]
  (and (vector? x)
       (= (first x) :not)
       (keyword? (second x))))

(defn transform [x]
  (map (comp symbol name) x))

(defn replac [p t x]
 (prewalk #(if (p %) (t %) %) x))

(replac match? transform [[:p] [:not :q] [:not :r] '[r]])
=> [[:p] (not q) (not r) [r]]
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