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I need a fast way to perform threshold on image (matrix) regions. The input is a matrix (image), threshold value and radius, for each pixel I need to check if all values within the given radius are less than the threshold,if so, I need to save this value's (pixel's) coordinates. I don't want to make it with double loops, because I need to perform this task many times with several radii. I don't care about minimas or maximas, just that all values around a pixel will be lower than some threshold. Any idea will be very appreciated !

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You can perform a dilation with a circular structuring element, followed by a trivial thresholding in the resulting image. Since the question is tagged matlab I guess you are not interested in making the dilation faster, just expecting that matlab gives one fast enough. If you were interested on that, then there is a decent amount of work regarding decomposability and related ways to improve th efficiency of morphological operations. – mmgp Feb 22 '13 at 0:09

I do not know any fast algorithm for a circular neighborhood. However, if you have have rectangular neighborhood, you can implement the the check very fast look at here for more details:

Also, you can imporve you speed when you when you have multiple values for the radius. Simply start with the smallest value and calculate the result. For future radius values, if a point did not pass from one of the previous steps, do not process it, there exist a point in a smaller radius (so in the current radius) which is larger than the threshold.

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Hi, I wasn't clear about the threshold, it can change with the radius, so, I can't spare the test for pixel who didn't "pass" from previous level. I thought on creating a mask of the size of the image, with ones only at the current window (I can create a circle in a square window, like in here:, and just check if the sum of image.*mask is less than threshold.*mask. I just don't know how to avoid a loop in this case. – matlabit Feb 21 '13 at 21:09
Thus, you simply need to define a circular filter and then use conv2 or filter2 to run calculate the sum (Matlab internally used FFT so it's way faster than nested loop implementation). – iampat Feb 22 '13 at 0:35
Hi, thanks, that's what I'll do, edit your answer (with the comment) and I will accept it. – matlabit Feb 24 '13 at 8:04

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