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I'm not sure it's meant to be like this, but when I click the 'Add to cart' button on a product (when viewing a page of products), no visual confirmation is given to the user.

Am I missing a JS file? Or maybe I need a div with a specific ID in my HTML for the message to be displayed in? Or do I need to create my own JS callback method to handle when the product has been added?

I've researched this, and there's surprisingly little info on it (so maybe I broke something?).

I have WC's "Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on product archives" option ticked, and I can confirm that products are actually being added to the cart - the user just doesn't know anything about it!

Thanks in advance.

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Problem solved - I had unticked WC's "Enable WooCommerce CSS styles". It should come with a warning in my opinion! :)

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