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file = open('Names.txt', 'r')
for lines in file:
    names = lines.split()
    names_list = [item.strip(',') for item in names]
    reformattedName = (names_list[1:]+names_list[0])

This is what I have so far.

With the text file being:

Neuman,     Alfred E.
Stevenson, Robert Lewis     
Lewis, C.S.   
Doe, Jane   
Bush, George Herbert   Walker 

I'm trying to rearrange it to look like:

Alfred E. Nueman
Robert Lewis Stevenson
C.S. Lewis
Jane Doe
George Herbert Walker Bush
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You want to concatenate lists with lists, not a string with a list:

reformattedName = names_list[1:] + names_list[:1]

or perhaps you wanted to rejoin the elements into a string again:

reformattedName = ' '.join(names_list[1:] + names_list[:1])
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I'm so oblivious.... thank you so much! –  ajkey94 Feb 21 '13 at 20:58

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