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My question is simple: I have a python script that generates figures using matplotlib. Every time i run it it generates new windows with figures. How can I have the script close windows that were opened the previous time it ran?

the analogous command in matlab is to put 'close all' at the beginning of your matlab script.

I have seen several suggestions to do something like

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

This solution works if you run your script from the python shell, eg using

>>>> execfile("myScript.py")

However, I have found that this doesn't work if I run the script using Eclipse / PyDev. How can I get it to work in Eclipse?


from numpy import *
from matplotlib.pyplot import *
from scipy import *

    #close any previously open plots - this doesn't work when running via Eclipse

t = linspace(0, 0.1,1000)
w = 60*2*pi


This should plot the ideal waveforms for a nice 3-phase power supply.

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You can close a figure by calling matplotlib.pyplot.close, for example:

from numpy import *
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from scipy import *

t = linspace(0, 0.1,1000)
w = 60*2*pi

fig = plt.figure()

You can also close all open figures by calling matplotlib.pyplot.close("all")

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This works from a console (e.g. running '>>> execfile("script.py")' in the python shell), but not in Eclipse/PyDev. What is the difference? –  AnjoMan Feb 21 '13 at 22:50
Nice. Add a random vector to cos(w*t-4*pi/3) for noise. –  Andrew Nov 9 '14 at 18:04

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