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Is it possible to set some option in require.js to allow the default scheme to include a sub-directory with the module name?

I want to write...

    // do something here

And I want it to find jquery and underscore in this folder structure...


Currently, I have to write...

    // do something here

Or some crazy wrapper...

function req(arr,cb){
  require(arr.join().replace(/(\w+)/g,function(mod){ return "/lib/"+mod+"/"+mod }).split(","),cb)
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You can use the paths config option to add the paths the way you want.

var libPaths = (function() {
  var libs = ["jquery", "underscore"];

  var lib, paths = {};
  for(var i=0; i < libs.length; i++) {
    lib = libs[i];
    paths[lib] = "/lib/" + lib + "/" + lib;
  return paths;

  paths: libPaths

To add more overrides, simply add to the libs array.

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Yes, this should work with the stating this in the requirejs.config - function, like this:

    //By default load any module IDs from js/lib
    baseUrl: 'js/lib',

    //except, if the module ID starts with "app",
    //load it from the js/app directory. paths
    //config is relative to the baseUrl, and
    //never includes a ".js" extension since
    //the paths config could be for a directory.
    paths: {
        app: '../app'

Taken from the Require.js API-docs, so in the paths - property you could specify all paths for the libraries you'll want to use

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