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In SQL Server 2008, my connection dialog has somehow moved to an inconvenient location. I have a portrait monitor and a landscape monitor. I no longer open SQL Server in the landscape monitor because then the connection dialog opens off screen.

I've tried everything I can think of:

  1. dragging the dialog box to center screen then opening a connection, then closing and reopening SQL Server
  2. dragging the dialog box then canceling the connection
  3. both of the above with SQL Server Maximized as well as Restored.]1

Somewhere in some config file there must be a setting that says "always open the connection dialog at this location". Where is that setting? Or is there another way to fix this?

It looks like this:

the problem

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1 Answer

I found this thread;


Which suggests the following;

When the window opens off-screen this is what you can do to get it back.

  1. Right click the window in the taskbar -> Select Move Tap any arrow key once.
  2. Move your mouse... The window should now be captured by your mouse and you may move it anywhere on the screen.
  3. Click to set its new position.

Obviously a known issue, and this is only a work around... But it may help all the same!

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