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So I'm writing some code in Fortran that multiplies a square matrix by itself. But the matrix I have to multiply is in a file and I'm having some issues reading it into the program. I think its because the sample data is in the following format:





The first row is the dimension of the matrix, and each row is a now in the matrix, but there aren't spaces in between the entries. So I guess my question is how do I split up those rows as I read them into a 2d array?

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Read in the first number as N and use it to allocate an array of dimension N by N. Then read a row at a time of this array: array (i, 1:N)) for i=1 to N. See Fortran: reading a row of numbers into an array for the format to use.

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Read using format

read (1,*) n
do i=1,n
  read (1,'(1000i1)'),A(i,:)

it does not matter whether you declare extra "i1" than actually needed

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How is this different from the accepted answer? – Vladimir F Feb 25 '13 at 13:17

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