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I'm using autotools for a libraries hosted on GitHub. Instead of using an ordinary README text file, I want to use

When running automake, I get the following error required file `./README' not found

Is it possible to tell autotools not to check for README?

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Just pass the foreign option to automake. This tells it that your software does not conform to the typical gnu standards, and thus omitting README is not an error. Typically, this is done in


but it can also be done by assigning AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS in

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Fantastic, thanks. Note for others, you need to run autoreconf after changing – Jasny - Arnold Daniels Feb 22 '13 at 0:01

We are using

        fgrep -v "[Build Status]" $< \
                | markdown \
                | html2text -style pretty -nobs \
                | sed -e 's:&gt;:>:g' \
                > $@.tmp

to generate a text README from the markdown

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Why ask it not to look for your README file when you already have one? It just happens to be in markdown format and saved as If you want your README file to be identical to your file, why not link to it?

From the command line:

ln -s README

That way, you get to keep your file and any tools you use will still be able to work with the standard naming conventions. Parenthetically speaking, it is very likely that autotools allows you to specify a custom path for your readme.

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I don't want this of course. That's just confusing. – Jasny - Arnold Daniels Feb 21 '13 at 23:54

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