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We are extensively using Dojo's xhrGet and xhrPost in our application. This has been used across multiple JavaScript files. Now we need a uniform way in which we handle the exceptions that are returned from the server in case of an AJAX call. We don't want to handle this in all places where we are using Dojo's xhrGet or xhrPost. Is it possible to do that without disturbing any of the existing code? For example, when some exception is sent from the server as part of the ajax response, I need to display some message in a consistent way across the application.

Could you please suggest me a solution for this? Kindly let me know if any more information is required.

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did you look at the dojo/aspect or dojo/on ? You can define functions that get executed after a function was called (or before) with aspect.

Take a look at that:

Why dont you create a custom xhrArgs class using dojo/declare that has the same error function for all his children ?


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Use IO Pipeline Topics as I described in Generic Loading Icon in Dojo and you won't have to change your code at all.

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